Logo Development

What is a logo, if not the birth of a brand?
While our name had been chosen, our brand had yet to be developed. While the search for a location narrows, so does our logo development. We have employed the help of Hoppy Beer Gear for our logo. While many of the quick and cheap online logo sites seemed to be an easy solution for logo needs, nothing could have been better than the time and effort put in by Dustin and Joey at Hoppy Beer Gear. You can’t beat the personal touch as we have already met three times and been able to clearly convey our desires in a logo. We’ve narrowed down our choices and with just a few minor tweaks to be made, we should be making the logo public sometime this month. While we have a solid idea of which direction we want our brand to go, we hoped to find a logo that would help to convey the brand at a glance. I have a great feeling about the logo itself as Dustin and Joey truly understood our concept and looked to place the proverbial crown on Five Suits Brewing. Stay tuned for more!

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