Jump from Homebrew to Pro, commence in 3…2…1…

Following in the footsteps of many of my fellow homebrew club members in QUAFF, the time has come for “The Jump”. Over the past few months, I’ve shared our plans with a select few individuals, but the topic of opening a brewery has been one that I have openly shared for years. I’m happy to share that we are actively working to bring our beer to market. With the help of my brother, Shane, my wife Kandy, & my parents Joe & Leslie, we have all taken an interest in Five Suits Brewing Inc.

We’ve toured numerous locations & been on the search now for about 5 months. While we’ve located a number of locations that have come close to satisfying all our needs, none at this point have possessed everything that we are looking for in the cities that we would like to open in. We began looking in San Marcos, but soon realized that we needed to expand our search in order to have more options to choose from. We opened up to Vista and even explored Escondido for a short time. Since then, we’ve pulled back from any further searches in Escondido due to the water restrictions that the city has placed on breweries. San Marcos is still an area that we would like to conduct business, but Vista is our main focus.

San Marcos is making some great strides in being receptive to breweries, but they still do not offer all that Vista does. Cost for industrial units in the size that we are looking for has been around $1/SF up to $1.30/SF. Smaller industrial units become available regularly, but not all of them have the power or gas requirements we need. Gas seems to be the biggest issue as many advertise gas, but few actually have gas run to the unit. The entire process has actually been very exciting. Knowing that my ultimate goal of opening a brewery is manifesting itself right before my eyes, each hurdle we are faced with is another opportunity to find a solution. I have faith that we will find a great location very soon & construction will begin. Having an incredible support system in my wife & family is very important.

We’ve secured the equipment, funding, & expertise needed for the upcoming jump and we couldn’t be better prepared for what lies ahead thanks to having extremely knowledgeable friends in the industry who have already made the jump. Hopefully we’ll have some more exciting news to share in the future, but until then, stay tuned for more!

Nick Corona

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