As we address the new demands that COVID-19 has placed on our business, we wanted to take a moment to convey our hopes that each and everyone out there is staying as safe and sane as can be under these tough times. While beer is our passion, the health of our fans and team members is our top priority and that will never change.

As we work to satisfy all state and county mandates for COVID-19, we also understand the need to provide an enjoyable atmosphere for our guests, so that they may return to some sense of normalcy during this pandemic. Our primary focus is to do so in a way that will not jeopardize the health and safety of our fans or our team. With new information becoming available seemingly overnight, we are dedicated to maintaining a fluid approach that will allow for change on the fly, should that be required. With the state mandated 4 tier structure currently in effect, our ability to open for business is reliant on data and factors outside of our control. We will continue to promote a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for our guests to enjoy with the hopes that patience and understanding will outweigh the sometimes burdensome policies that require enforcement. 

As social distancing restrictions ease or new tier levels are reached, Five Suits Brewing will identify and implement all safety measures that will not only allow us to open for business, but most importantly, will ensure that our guests are provided with an atmosphere that they can enjoy in a safe and comfortable manner.

We will continue to implement the following procedures at all times during operations:

  • Masks will be worn by team members and guests, unless seated at a table while eating or drinking
  • Disposable plastic cups will be used in place of reusable glassware
  • All tables and chairs will be placed at least 6 ft. apart in order to ensure social distancing requirements are observed
  • All tables and chairs will be cleaned & sanitized before and after each guest use
  • While numerous touchpoints have been reduced with motion sensing fixtures, all necessary touchpoints will be continuously sanitized throughout the day to minimize potential for transmitting bacteria
  • New Crowlers/Growlers will be properly rinsed, sanitized and purged prior to filling
  • Faucets, filling hose, and any ancillary pieces of equipment that come into contact with the packaged beer will be properly sanitized prior to filling
  • All packaged beer will be sanitized before being delivered to our guests

Five Suits Brewing has been years in the making and we can confidently say that we went into our launch as prepared as we could have been for what was to come. While a worldwide pandemic was the furthest thing from our radar, we know we’re not alone. In the words of the great draft system king of San Diego, Michael Peacock, “We’re all in this thing together”. Community is built on support for our friends and neighbors and we have experienced nothing but that from all of you. Our passion, resolve, and dedication is stronger now than ever and we look forward to providing you with new and exciting beer to enjoy in this crazy new world.

Stay safe, stay local, stay strong.

Your Five Suits Brewing Team