Shift Series

At Five Suits Brewing, we recognize that tastes, palates, and demands differ from one person to the next. What’s good for the goose, isn’t always good for the gander. With this in mind, we designed the Shift Series. Anyone working in a 24 hour industry knows what its like to work all hours of the day. With beers designed for Day, Swing, and Graveyard shifts, we’re sure you’ll find a beer that fits your lifestyle.

Day Shift

Yes, you know the type…those lucky enough to wake as the sun rises, enjoy breakfast at breakfast time, and dinner as the sun goes down…must be nice. Our Day Shift series, features beers that won’t rock the boat. Stylistic examples of beer as you would expect. Easy drinkers that understand you have work in the morning… All Day Shift beers come in at 5.5% or less

20 Pointer – Weissbier     5.5% ABV 15 IBU

Why travel to Germany for an authentic Weissbier, when you can find one right here? This wheat beer is sure to satisfy your thirst as banana esters are balanced perfectly with clove phenols that dance on your tongue. Easily our most refreshing beer any time of the year.

Ante-Up Amber – Amber LAger     4.9% ABV  22 IBU

A clean & easy drinking lager with a light toasted-bread malt proflie. Our Amber lager is as easy drinking as an ante at the poker table. Grab a spot at the table and belly up for an Amber.

Reel Tilt Red – Red Ale     4.5% ABV  11 IBU

Our Reel Tilt Red is a clean tasting red ale that highlights a light caramel sweetness, but finishes dry. Our love for American hops comes through in the end, but bitterness is restrained to satisfy our easy drinkers.

Winning Hand Wheat – American Wheat     5.1 ABV 20 IBU

Try to hold your poker face when you taste our Winning Hand Wheat. A doughy wheat flavor creates a nice canvas for that which we love most: HOPS! We go light on the bitter, but big on the grapefruit citrus as Centennial hops take center stage.

Swing Shift

Sleeping in after a late night; eating lunch for breakfast; where can we go after midnight? Swing shift is a youngsters game. With beers that push the limits of flavor, but know not to cross the line, we give you the Swing Shift.

Max Bet IPA     6.5% ABV 95 IBU

Hops, hops, & more hops. With CTZ, Azacca, Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo, &  the tried & true hop, Centennial, this IPA is sure to pack a punch for even the most finicky of hop heads.

Deuces Wild – Double IPA     8.5% ABV 98 IBU

All the hops that make our Max Bet IPA so good, but twice as many. Our Deuces Wild Double IPA still finished amazingly dry, leaving the tongue prepped and ready for your next sip.

Silver-Miner Stout – Sweet Stout     4.9% ABV 31 IBU

An easy drinking stout named after those with a sharp eye for shiny coins left behind in slot machines. This beer focuses on a big mouthfeel and milk chocolate sweetness that is sure to please chocoholics.

Break-Even BGS – Belgian Golden Strong     9% ABV 34 IBU

As the name suggests, our BGS is Golden in color, strong in spicy, fruit flavors of peach, nectarine, & pear. With it’s easy drinking flavors, we’d be remiss in leaving out that this beer comes in at 9%ABV.

Graveyard Shift

We sleep during the day; we work through the night. We ask for blackout curtains and ear plugs for Christmas. We are anything but the norm. Our Graveyard Shift beers feature new styles of beer as well as classic styles that are few and far between. Fruited, spiced, and herb additions keep things just as unusual as eating breakfast for dinner.

Biere D’Alembert – Biere de Garde     8.2% ABV 19 IBU

Our take on a French farmhouse ale, best known for it’s diverse characteristics. A “beer for keeping”, we find it difficult to keep this beer for very long as it’s wine-like characteristics even when young have proven to please many a palate.

All-In Apricot Wheat – Fruit Beer     5.5% ABV 15 IBU

For those fruit lovers out there, we’ve got you covered. Why drink our 20 Pointer, when you can enjoy it with Apricots! This fruited version of our weissbier can satisfy the thirsts of those who truly believe all beer tastes the same.

Blind Bet Brut – Brut IPA     6.8% ABV 25 IBU

The latest and greatest style to come out of the IPA dynasty. This beer takes dryness to the next level as it’s champagne-like qualities gives us reason to raise a glass and toast all that is beer.

Hard Count Hazy – Hazy IPA     5.5% ABV 50 IBU

Why mess with a good trend? We packed this Hazy with all the trendy hops – Simcoe, Mosaic, & Citra are packed into this beer late in the process as the bitterness is subdued.